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So, you might be wondering why I chose the title, Pictures Don’t Count, for my blog.  It seems pretty self-explanatory to me, but I’ll break it down for you anyway.

Whenever I get home from a vacation in an exotic or picturesque locale, I am always disappointed by my pictures.  They never, EVER, reflect how awesome that place really was.  There’s such a disconnect from the picture I’m looking at and the memory I have of actually standing there in that place.  Pictures don’t reflect that feeling of serenity you get standing on a beach looking out over 10 different shades of teal water.  Pictures don’t capture the sound of foreign wildlife serenading you as you gaze up at snow capped peaks.  Most importantly, pictures don’t convey the circumstances that led you to that profound scene, which can sometimes be more rewarding than your intended destination.

So, for me, pictures don’t count.  Some people can look through books at pictures of places they’d like to visit and in the end, pictures are enough for them.  They never visit those places, they just look at pictures.  From traveling around to different spots, I have learned that there is so much more behind the picture.  I can look at a picture, but I want to really SEE it.  Experience it.  Live it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love taking pictures; ironically, I will be posting pictures on this blog!  To all the photographers out there, I’m not trying to diss you or say that your pictures aren’t great and amazing.  They are, and I will always enjoy looking at them.  I’m just saying that pictures of places I’d like to visit don’t count for me.

I want to SEE it.


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