Finding a Job in NZ

A popular question that I have been asked is, “Are you going to have a job lined up before you go?”  The answer is, probably not.

The jobs that I’m allowed to apply for with my visa are mostly in the service industry (retail, restaurants, hotels), and I’m more likely to get a job if I apply in person.  I have my eye on Whitcoulls, a bookstore similar to our Barnes & Noble.  It would be great to get a start there, however if I get an offer somewhere else first I’m not going to snub my nose at it.

My whole job search at the beginning is based on my plan to stay in Auckland for the first couple months.  I have my eye on the Ponsonby area, a small suburb just outside the main city.  If I can’t find employment within the first few weeks, I’ll have to widen my search area and possibly join a work exchange program.

Work exchanges are programs businesses offer to provide people with food and lodging in exchange for work.  My cousin Ryan sent me a link about one in northern NZ.  You can check it out here.  A popular type of work exchange in NZ is on fruit farms.  I’m not too keen on picking fruit all day, but I’m not going to rule it out either!  Who knows, I might love it!

Around the time I’ll be arriving, most ski resorts will be taking applications for the upcoming winter season.  From what I’ve heard, these are very popular jobs and most resorts receive at least quadruple the amount of resumes for the jobs they have available.  There are a lot of perks to having one of these jobs, the best being discounted or free skiing!  The downside is it’s cold.  Really cold!  I’m not really a cold weather fan, which is why I’d prefer to stay in Auckland where the weather is a lot milder in winter.

If you have any advice or questions for me, leave a comment!

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One thought on “Finding a Job in NZ

  1. Randi says:

    I’m excited for you and am already enjoying reading your posts while preparing for your upcoming adventure! Can’t wait to read more!

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