One Month Away

Exactly one month from now I’ll be on my way to NZ!  Time has really flown by, and there is still a lot to do.  It’s really funny, but the part that genuinely made this real for me was opening up my bank account in NZ!

I was able to start the process online, and I’ll have to activate it when I arrive.  Part of the process is for them to verify my identity over the phone, so I was notified that I should be receiving a call in about 1-3 business days.  Thirty minutes after I applied for the account online, I get a call from a number that says “Turks & Caicos Islands” underneath!  I answered and the lady started speaking with an NZ accent!  At least I assume it was an NZ accent.  It could have been Australian; I really can’t tell the difference yet.

I just felt so happy talking on the phone with her!  She was really nice, and I kept coming up with questions just to keep her talking!  It really connected this whole process for me and now I’m really starting to visualize myself settling in NZ.  I’ve started looking at the flatmates wanted section online a lot more often lately, as well as the jobs available.  I am happy with the current selection, so I am hoping that continues for a while.

I guess I’ll add to my list of goals to accomplish to tell the difference between an NZ and Australian accent!


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2 thoughts on “One Month Away

  1. Isn’t Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean?

    What kind of jobs do they seem to be looking for most? Most of the listings these days in this area are computer-related or medical field-related.

    • Virginia says:

      It is, but I was just excited to get a call from an international number! I’ve just been looking for retail jobs but it’s easy to look at the websites, Trade Me or Seek.

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