Falling into Place

I feel like I’m back in the real world now.  No longer in limbo, staying in a hostel and wondering where I might end up finding a job.  I found the job and since starting about two weeks ago I can tell you that I love it.  I work at a golf course in the pro shop and my day is basically filled with golf.  Selling golf, talking about golf, watching golf, playing golf, and learning golf.  It’s a lot of fun!  Everyone is so nice, especially the older members of the club.  I’ve never had so many compliments in such a short time span!

With the job secured, I was finally able to start looking for places to live.  I started with the neighborhoods surrounding the golf course and set up a least one appointment every day to look at flats after work.  Last Thursday I got a text that I was offered one of the rooms that I had looked at, which turned out to be my top choice!  I met most everyone in the house and they were all really friendly.  It’s very close to the golf course and I can walk to work if I want.  My room is a lovely shade of pastel purple, which suits me just fine.

The room becomes available this Friday, but since I work that day and Saturday I decided it would be much easier to move everything Sunday.  I looked around online for awhile for a bed that was reasonably priced and found a great discount furniture place close to where I’ll be living.  I was able to buy a mattress, base, and side table with delivery for around $540.  Not a bad deal.  I took advantage of my day off and bought the bedroom necessities; sheets, pillows, towels, hangers, and a trash can.  The store I went to was having a 50% off sale on home-wares, so I lucked out on the prices there.

My next big purchase will be a vehicle.  I’ve been looking around and there are a lot of affordable cars out there.  Cars are very plentiful here, so the prices are much lower than I’m used to.  The recommendation here is to have a mechanic take a look at any vehicle you are thinking of purchasing to see if it will pass the NZ equivalent of an emissions test, which is required every six months for older vehicles.

I’ll post pictures of my room soon, so you can see how I’m livin’.  If you have any questions for me, leave a comment!

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5 thoughts on “Falling into Place

  1. Keith Bell says:

    Now I’m afraid to play golf with you when you get back up here! You’ll beat me even worse than you already do! Glad you’re having fun and hope things continue to go well. We love you!!

  2. Tanika says:

    I’m so happy for you VA.

  3. Lisa says:

    It sounds like things are coming together for you. Have fun and enjoy! Post pic’s when you can. I love reading about your adventures!!!

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