Wow, Kawau

Today’s adventure started with a one hour drive north to Sandspit.  Yes, Sandspit.  I know.  The drive was easy and picturesque, as usual.  There was a toll road on the way, but there are no toll booths.  Cameras are set up over the road to record your plates and you pay your toll online.  It’s really convenient, but I just have to remember to pay it.

Kawau island was my destination (sounds like cow-wow) with a mail service cruise getting me there and back.  I splurged and went for the longer cruise that takes you around more of the island while delivering mail for the residents on the island.  The boat was pretty big with a nice seating area on the open-air upper deck.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather  in the middle of winter.  It was bright and sunny and about 60 degrees.  I still needed a hat and two coats to stay comfortable on the upper deck but it was worth braving the wind for the awesome views.


The cruise lasted about an hour and a half and then dropped me off at the Mansion House Bay pier which leads to the, you guessed it, Mansion House.  There are also trails you can take that will lead you all over the island.


I brought lunch with me and I decided to find a nice quiet place to sit and eat.  I took a trail that looked inviting and headed upwards.  The trail itself was beautiful, full of ferns and pines.  It only took me about 20 minutes to find a great spot that I had all to myself.


It was very enjoyable to just sit and listen to the water lapping at the base of the cliff and the boats passing by.  After about a half hour I decided to explore more of the island.  I had hoped to glimpse one of the wallabies that live on the island, but no such luck.  I saw some beautiful plants and lots of colorful birds, though.  They even had a couple peacocks wandering around the mansion!

There were plenty of people hanging out around the bay despite the time of the year.  Part of it was the long weekend, a public holiday celebrating the Queen’s birthday on Monday.  It’s an interesting idea for another holiday.  Imagine celebrating the President’s birthday every year, whenever that may be.  I can just see half the country working to spite the holiday.

I haven’t figured out where I’m going next, but I’m sure it will be amazing.  I haven’t been disappointed yet!

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