My Golfing Students

Being the amazing golfer that I am, I have given back to the community by providing free golfing lessons.  By amazing I mean barely average and by community I mean two great friends of mine who do their best to put up with me.  I don’t think either of them had swung a golf club many times before they started taking instructions from me, but now they can hit the ball almost every time they swing.  Sometimes it’s even in a straight line.


Meet Nina.  No shortage of power, but her accuracy can be lacking at times.  Famous for her mighty whiffs followed by a flurry of curses and swear words.  A proper golfer.


Meet Holly.  The best way to describe her swing is dainty and graceful.  Keen to take direction, she’s hitting the ball further than ever.  She got it almost all the way down the hill one time!


Today we had our last driving range session, and it was bittersweet.  In between swings there was lots of picture taking, friendly banter, and some general horsing around.  Speaking of horsing, we had a little putting competition in the style of HORSE, the game being you get a letter every time you miss and the first person to get to HORSE loses.  We got bored with the game before it was finished, but I think I remember Holly being a ho.  Sorry, I mean a HO.


I fully expect both of them to continue with their golfing after I leave.  They’ve both made me so proud as students, and I feel very lucky to have them as friends.  Fräulein out.


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