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Catching Up

It’s been just over a week since my car broke down.  It seems like so much time has passed since then, but I guess that’s because I’ve been so busy.  Internet has been spotty, so I’ll give that as my excuse for not posting as often as I should.


The wildlife in the South Island is quite exotic to me.  Whales, penguins, and sea lions are not native to Maryland so seeing these creatures in the wild is quite a treat.  Of course, one animal that is not exotic but never the less gives me joy to see is sheep.  I get to see them every day.  Like, almost every five minutes.  I love it.  One day, while I was driving down a back road in the Catlins, I turned a corner to find the road full of sheep heading right at me.  I literally squealed with delight, while I dug out my camera.  Unfortunately the field they were heading into was in front of me, so the herd turned instead of passing me by.


One of my more memorable days was my train trip from Christchurch to Greymouth and back.  The ride goes through Arthur’s Pass in the Alps, and the views were spectacular.  They had an open-air carriage on the back that let you take pictures without having the reflection of the windows in your way.  I spent most of the trip out there and got some great photos.



My favorite part of the trip so far has to be Fiordland.  Slartibartfast would be proud.  And if you don’t get that reference, shame on you.  I took an overnight cruise through Doubtful Sound and then spent two nights at Milford Sound.  It’s hard to explain the beauty of the place.  I spent most of the two-hour drive into Milford Sound with my mouth hanging open, marveling at the sights in front of me.  I’ve taken heaps of pictures, but I know they will never do the place justice.  This one is my favorite.


I am writing this while I’m in Milford Sound, and will be posting it when I get to Queenstown, my next stop.  I’ve gone the past three days without internet, which has been rough but liberating.  They do offer it at the lodge, but it costs $3 for 10 MB.  Yes, MB.  I’ll pass.

After Queenstown, I’ll be heading to Wanaka and then north to see the glaciers and the Able Tasman National Park.  Enjoy the photos!

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